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Thinking of Fausto, having the same option and wishing that all faith would be extinct, I wonder if the devil’s trick would be to extinguish science by considering logic and induction as faith. Weird concept.


I don’t know

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The hardest thing I’ve ever had to learn was to say three simple words: “I don’t know” (or would it be 4 words 😛 )

Every time someone asks me a question I feel compelled to reply. Sometimes I reply with something I heard but didn’t thought through. Sometimes I reply by creating theories “on-the-fly”. I just didn’t know how to say the simple “I don’t know”.

Why is that so hard to me to just say I don’t know.

And it seems it is not only me. Science, Religion, “ists”, “ogists” and so on, whenever find something which doesn’t fit its paradigms, starts struggling to “fit-by-force” or “destroy-by-ridiculous”. Why can’t we say “I don’t know”.

This should be the slogan of peace: “I don’t know”

Your guess is as good as mine, therefore, there’s no reason to fight.

Well… Here I come making theories on the fly again 😛


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Tá compricaaaaado…


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“Se você fala com um amigo imaginário e ninguém acredita, você é esquizofrênico. Agora, se você fala com seu amigo imaginário e todo mundo acredita nele, você é o Papa.” <If you talk to a imaginary friend and nobody belives you, then you are a schizofrenic. But, if you talk to a imaginary friend and everybody believes in it, you are the Pope.>
Está tudo calmo e tranqüilo como o início de um câncer.
Fonte Rosa

10.000 BC

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I was born 10.000 years ago.. I was one of the latest born from the pre-diluvian breeding…
We usualy had a very lar ge life-spam but by energetic modifications my generation could virtualy live forever… Except if you’re killed…
Before the big flood we used to have a very advanced technology.. With flying soucers and computers… Using a completly different technology than today but more advanced in several meenings…
I had a friend and thanks to him I survived the big flood. Although I was a techno-geek i was always open to friendhip to every kind of person. One of my best friend was a completly anty technology and he even believed in God. This friend once told me that God had ordered him to protect himself ‘cause a huge flood would strike earth… For sure nobody has believed him… But I knew him too well to mistake him as crazy.. I knew he had something special… So I fled… To the highest montain if the fartest corner of earth…
We used to leave in what now is called middle east… It was a ever green blessed by technology place.. I them fled to what now is called Everest Mountain with my flying "car". Stayed there for weeks before the rain started… And needed to stay for months more before the water dryed.
When i finaly left my hidden place it was only to discover that our cenral power source was doomed and i had to climb down the mountain by myself.. When i finally arrived in my city there was nothing to see… Althought we were extremely advanced, nothing could bare the flood… Except the small wooden boat of my friend.
I then decided to leave everything to the past. It was clear to me that the society i knew was gone. Now i would have to cope to the new emergent reality. I did my best. ive destroyed all the major remains of my people. I even have climb back to Everest to destroy my flying soucer in order to not leave anything to interfeer with the new culture. I’ve spared nothing.
Them I went to join my friend and his family. It was hard in the begining with all that praying all the time but i had no much coice. He was right after all… So how could i tell him that his faith was fake?
It was a sad day when he died. The last remanescent of my kind. The last link to my past. His family was kind to me but i had nothing to share with them, so I fled away. I went to find another tribes.. but none of them was quite interesting… ‘Till I found the Egiptyans. Those are fine people… Even having their Gods they were science people. I turned to be one of their advisor and had access for lot’s of information. I even gave them some technology (only the small ones) to create the pyramids. But it was strange to fake my death and rebirth every few years to hide my imortality. But I guess it is my fate.
It was a funny day when the great great sons of my friend Noa came to Egypt. A completly Deja Vu. The same Rhyms and prays of centures ago. He was a genius in his own way… To keep the culture and the hisoty he was writting everything as Gods words and passing generations on… Amazing. My history will be gone after my death ‘cause I cant tell noone about the past.
When the egyptians became past, I moved to Greece… I could say that it was really one of the best time in my life. The conscience land, where the philosophy was the rule, where the knowledge was the currence, the gods were the represention of our own deamons and most of all, where the beauty was a goal. I’ve never realized before that bealty could be something so tangible and achieveble… And so universal. Beauty as time exists everywhere. Besides the fashinons and cultural differences, there’s always a inner deeper thing that is simply "THE beauty". Who said I wouldnt be ever surprised by those God souls?
When I noticed the change in the tides I them moved to Rome… The place of the politics, where nothing else metters besides the souls wishes and the desire to get more and more. It was a wonderful, "sinful" (as if sin could exists) and political age. I could finaly understand and feel what was left of my civilization. The wish to acieve greater things. Unfortunely while we were extremely rational and the rules were clear, those people had the God’s twisted wishes to miguide them. But what a hush. My society was way too calm, way too controled… Here there were no control at all… Everything was about now and pleasure, no regards about the future or the other beside you. Everything was too high or too low… But "God", how high it could be…
I finally moved to further north and west, I felt that that Hedonist societ was doommed. I want to a place called Galicia to calm dow for a few centuries. I saw the rise and fall of kingdoms, kings and queens, gods and goddesses… I have to say that I got quite bored for a while… The Church of crist was suffocating all the beauty and pleasure of the world… One more memory of my oldest friend… His religion hounting me back again… But as I’ve learned already, I joinned them… I became a templar and travelled arount the arid places where my people used to leave.. Painful day that was… But I overcame that, it was a very long past now…
I even went to Jerusalem… That was a place for die for… The most mixed, crowded, insane place of all my memory… And so much blood… I just couldnt bare… After a while I just fled back to my quiet place in Galicia…
Everything was boring, every news in the world sounded old, as if a had seen that before…
I decided to them cross the world, spend some time away from these bad caricature of my people… I fled west, as far as I could go, passing trhough my flood’s hidden place and beyond… I met the Russians and the Indians, I met the Mongols and Chineses… Those are people which I couldnt understand at all… And I was so glad!! Finally something new for me… After millenia…
But they were way too strict in their ways and didnt enjoyed foreighns.. I couldnt never really get inside their culture, I was ever marginalized… But was one of the most important lessons to me… I finnaly realized that those new generation, beside their Gods, someday will reach my own people’s level…
I went back to my Galicia… I simply liked that place… And it was just in time for the Big adventure… They were sending ships to the New World.. A world without rules and without society… May be a place which I could create a perfect society like my own, start from scratch a peaceful, godless, scientific society… Recreate Eden!!!
But I should have known better… It was a wild-shameless-godfull and unready place. I just couldnt bare to stay there, but, what a heck, there were nothing for me in the other side of the ocean either… I decided to change myself instead of waiting the world to change back to what it was before the flood. I decided to join the world how it is now, to live it and leave the past. I decided to join some crazy pioneers forest inside, to expand the frontiers and stay away from any civilization… To have a break…
Wild times, everytime I remember that time I have a surge of adrenaline… My body just cant forget that much excitation…
And when those good times were gone, nothing else seems to be interesting to me… Besided the Beaches…
Now I’ve spend the last 200 years in Bahia fishing and living in a hut in that perfect weather… Running away from civilization… Trying to enjoy the life… Simple.

Fucking and Writing plug in play

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Fucking and Writing plug in play

When you’re doing your tesis and dont have time to do anything else.

When you cant focus in the tesis… That’s the solution.


Take your girlfriend. place her in her knees and hands (AKA dog or by4 position), then place your laptop over her back.

Now you can Fuck while the tesis fuck your life… And without stop writing!!!

Your tesis conclusion may sound like:
"Due to these resultes we (OH!) conclude that (Ohhh!)…. that… (Cum)…. (Afffff)…
Aways check your conclusion twice when using this position!!!

"Fucking and Writing plug in play" baptized by Igor Cruz


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Ive just got to the conclusion (or ive been got by the conclusion) that it is impossible to be adult and single at the same time.
That’s true. Unless you are single and a family breadwinner (suporter).
It became clear to me that a mature single guy is NOT necessarily and adult.
This come from the fact that it is only possible to became an adulto once you leave behind one core characteristic from single people. The Bon Vivan aspect.
Follow my lead. If you are a 40 years old single guy you are always up to take a unplanned weekend trip or spend days away from house with friends without any concern or warnings.
A proper adult should be always aware of the affect of any action/decision to its family, to its wife and child. The fact is that you should put down your aventurer soul and split second decisions plesure. It doesnt means that you cannot or isnt able to have adventure. It means that you now have to PLAN your advantures and PLAN your decision. No more jumps in a friends car straight from the job on friday night to spen the weekend in the beach only with the cloths you’re wearing. God, is that life?
A married guy that keeps it’s singleness will never fullfill his wife. Even whem both travel toguether and keeps this spirit the fact remain that you cant choose by yourself. You always have to consult. That is the whole anti-spirit of singlehood.
Being single does not means inconsequence either. One can be single, responsable and mature, the only thing he would  never be is fully aware of the consequence of his acts for the other. Not as much as a married one.
Following this line, a single guy can run a company and be completly aware of his responsabilities… But this free sould will always be ready to bet everything in a all-or-nothing bet. A married guy wouldnt (and shouldnt) take such a risk, dont matter how his guts tells him to do. He looses his independency…
And that’s all i have to say about that. 😛
Just one more sleepless night.

A Chair

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It’s only a chair…
Seems to be a kinda regular chair with 4 leather seats. 2 in front of the other 2.. not that regular I agree..
But besides the position looks like a regular chair.
I was introduced to this fine piece of forniture by a friend and he told me it wasnt as simple as one may first think.
It was just a simple trick with magnetism and quantics physiscs.
You sit in the chair and a magnetic field stronger than any regular NMR, actualy as estrong as a syncrotron. Thanks to some quantic tricks it doent expends that city-like energy nor takes a whole building to hold it in.
It is a incredible feeling.. when you sit it feels like you are under water and a contant pressure is applyed over your body. Steady and warm, like a river tide.
The most impressive thing actualy is what happens to you under this process… You are mapped. Your body, better saying, a light copy of your body is translated to any place in the planet. You are invisible there in the translated place… but you can see everything, clearly, but more like a pastel paint… No strong colors, almost faintinf, like a deja vu or a sunset when your eyes still cant see quite well…
And you are invisible here also… In the moment I was being introduced to the machine there were 2 people actualy using it and i simply couldnt see them… If you pay really close attention you could may be see some distortions over the chair… I was quite impressed…
I finnaly decided to take a ride… Ive sitted in the chair and let that incredible feeling take over my body… and went to visit my parents.. it was my sister’s wedding and I havent been able to joint them… But thanks to this divine device i could finaly watch it… They couldnt see me but i could see them.. somethat join them.. It was really a pleasure…
And the colors… The smell.. Yes… There were smell.. Not like a real one, just as a apple pie in the neighbor that you never know if you are really smelling or imagining. And the touch.. When you touch something or somebody you DO feel something.. But it feels like as if the water tide get a bit more stronger in that part of the body… And suddenly you pass the object you’re touching… You really fell like a ghost.
The funniest thing is then you touch a person… You can see the person shivering… I was feeling almyghty… Except for the fact of not being able to actualy hugh my sister. Better that than nothing.
That was my dream tonight 😀
Quite Realistic and Vivid.

FDS em Wageningen

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num dos dias saindo do apartamento para a faculdade estou eu andando com um mapa na cara o do outro lado da rua uma menina da mesma forma… pergunto se vamos para o mesmo lugar e somos amigos desde entao… detalhe.. libanesa…
no sabado, cheguei na terca, comeca a semana de introducao a qual, ao contrario do que o nome diz, nao se introduz nada em ninguem ate onde eu saiba… mas nos mostra muito sobre a faculdade e a cidade.
fomos divididos em grupos de 12 pessoas que passariam os proximos dias em atividades durante o dia e bebedeiras durante a noite
tinha uma iraquiana, um etiopiano, eu de brasileiro (na verdade o unico brasileiro entrando este ano – eu, 2 brasileiros descendentes de holandeses e outros 18 que ja tinham comecado o mestrado ou que estavam no doutorado) – duas meninas da oceania, uma japonesa, uma romenia, e 6 holandeses… sendo acompanhados por 2 estudantes holandesas…
mas isso fica pra outro post

Chegada em Wageningen

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A odisseia comeca
Parto de salvador as 18 horas… despedias e talz.. show…
Oito horas de voo depois e 4 filmes no caminho (primeira viagem um jumbo… adorei… hehe)
meia hora em portugal sem conseguir fazer um bendito telefone funcionar… Embarco para holanda
Durante o voo comeco a conversar com o casal ao meu lado.. o cara eu juro que era do salsicha do scooby-doo.. super gente fina
Apos 3 horas de voo conversando sobre miolo de pote… descemos juntos do aviao os 3… como nao sabia pra onde ir e eles iriam pegar o mesmo trem que eu ficamos todos juntos no saguao do aeroporto
E que aeroporto… do desembarque ate o local pra pegar as malas sao quase 5 minutos andando.. sem exagero.. eh um shoping imenso… apos esperar a mala ao lado de uma capela exaustora para fumantes peguei minhas malas (que conste nos autos… 60 kg de mala)… tento entao comprar o tiket para o trem.. nao aceita meu cartao… mais uma vez o casal me salva e compram no cartao deles e eu lhes pago em dinheiro… passo pela imigrcao o cara nem olha na minha cara… sigo entao pra o trem…
quem disse que o baiano aqui acertava onde era isso??
que conste nos autos que a estacao de trem e de onibus eram DENTRO do aeroporto…
mais uma vez encontro o casal que me da todas as indicacoes e entro no trem com eles… eles decem no meio do caminho me dizendo pra descer dali a tres paradas… fico com medo de nao conseguir sair a tempo do trem enquanto ele para por causa do tamanho e peso das malas.. me emcaminho pra mais perto da porta…
to sentado na minha do lado de uma menina ao que ela pega o celular e diz "oi menina… nao fale pra meus pais que eu to voltanto pra casa nao senao eles me matam, viu?!?!"
voces nao fazem ideia do quanto eu sorri… nao era mais um sorriso de orelha a orelha… meu sorriso ja tava dando duas voltas de tanta alegria… assim que ela terminou o telefonema comecamos a conversar… menina do rio grande do norte.. depois de 10 minutos de conversa ja conhecia a vida dela toda…
por coincidencia ela mora no mesmo lugar que eu teria que descer para pegar outro trem.. nao eh que a menina me ajudou a carregar as malas e ainda me botou no outro trem?? nos despedimos e sigo eu com a informacao de descer dali a 3 paradas… la vou eu morrendo de medo de novo…
os trems aqui sao bala.. voce entre… de vez em quando passa um bilheteiro.. se voce tiver o ticket entao ta tudo bem.. se nao tiver tem que pagar 200 euros de multa… eu peguei 2 trens num total de 2 horas e nem fui abordado.. confianca eh outra coisa.. hehe
pois bem… acertei descer em Ede (Eda)… desco as escadas com 2 malas pesando um total de 60 kg (40 + 20)… tomo um suquinho relaxado.. subo outra escada (a esta altura completamente suado numa temperatura inferior a 20 graus)… estou entao na estacao de onibus… vou ao guiche pra comprar passagem pro onibus… aqui se compra uma ficha com 10 passagem q vao sendo carimbadas… o cara me diz que eh do outro lado… desco escadas e subo escadas com 60 kg de malas.. pergunto onde compro a passagem.. me dizem que eh do outro lado…
resumo da opera.. gastei 1 hora subindo e descendo escada com  60 kg de mala nas costas pra descobrir que a ficha pro onibus sao vendidas exatamente onde havia descido do trem, dentro de uma cafeteria deserta e sem indicacoes.. compro aliviado.. desco as escadas.. tomo mais um suco.. subo as escadas…. e a mala de mao… aquela sem rodinhas que voce leva nos ombros.. se rasga em 2…
PQP.. gritei e ninguem ligou… gritei em portugues, claro.. hehehe
chego no guiche… "com licenca senhor… minha mala rasgou, posso deixar ela ai enquanto vou comprar outra aqui ao lado??"
– Sinto muito senhor… por causa dos atentados terroristas nao posso fazer isso.. tente deixar na tenta que aluga bicicletas ali ao lado..
la vou eu… peco, deixo as sacolas rezendo pra estarem la quando eu voltasse e sigo minha caminhada de 20 minutos ate chegar ao centro comercial da cidade… no qual estava ate havendo uma feirinha bem legal… compro uma mala excelente por 20 euros e volto o caminho todo… 40 minutos perdidos no total…
chego… troco as coisas de mala… agradeco e vou pro ponto… adivinhem… comeca a chover… o ponto de onibus estava cheio.. ficamos eu e minhas duas malas na chuva… 3 malas molhadas…
o onibus chega… subo com as malas.. vou pro centro do onibus e fico la empezao… beleza… 6 pontos depois ja estou no predio do colega brazileiro que ficou de me acolher ate que eu arranjasse um apartamento.
desco la e, ora, nao tem um unico telefone publico pra que eu ligasse pro cara… e eu com 2 malas pesando 60 kg!!!!
faco aquela cara de desorientado pelo simples fato de estar REALMENTE desorientado e chegam 2 caras que estavam passado no saguao do predio ao qual pergunto se conhecem o meu amigo brasileiro e explico a situacao..
eles dizem que nao conhecem mas um deles se oferece pra guardar as minhas malas…
la vou eu deixar minhas malas em um lugar rezando para que estejam la quando eu voltar…
sigo ate o telefone mais proximo (5 minutos andando sem os 60 kg de malas)… ligo pro meu colega e ele me encontra la…
nos cumprimentamos.. conto minha odisseia e seguimos para a central de matricula… isso ja perto das 5 da tarde… 10 minutos andando…
chego la, recebo toda a documentacao, assassino um monte de formulario dizendo um monte de coisas e recebo o cheque referente a bolsa e as chaves do apartamento… caramba.. nao eram simples chaves.. eram o santo graall…
me colocam num predio que nao pedi mas eu ja nem estava ligando… um carro da universidade me levou pro apartamento onde estavam as malas, peguei elas, depois fui pro meu apartamento, deixei as malas e fui pro apartamento do brasileiro onde comemos uma comida tipica daqui: lazanha de microondas.. heehehe.. desculpe a falta de criatividade
fui entao pra casa e dormir por qse 12 horas seguidas (o que, pra quem me conhece, sabe que nao eh novidade alguma)… Um frio medonho, 9 da noite e o sol ainda a se por… durmo assim mesmo.. e nao eh que o bendito do sistema de aquecimento estava quebrado!?!?!? (o que vim descobrir mais tarde nao estar quebrado e sim esta desligado pq estamos no verao e a temperatura esta amena… fazendo uns 10 graus de noite… eu mereco)
passo os proximos 3 dias assinando mais formularios e mais formulario… rodando a cidade toda a pe… nao que seja muito.. a cidade toda tem 3 km de diametro…
isto tudo da segunda quando sai do brasil, na terca quando cheguei na holanda ate a sexta.
sabado em diante eh outro post