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Thinking of Fausto, having the same option and wishing that all faith would be extinct, I wonder if the devil’s trick would be to extinguish science by considering logic and induction as faith. Weird concept.


I don’t know

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The hardest thing I’ve ever had to learn was to say three simple words: “I don’t know” (or would it be 4 words 😛 )

Every time someone asks me a question I feel compelled to reply. Sometimes I reply with something I heard but didn’t thought through. Sometimes I reply by creating theories “on-the-fly”. I just didn’t know how to say the simple “I don’t know”.

Why is that so hard to me to just say I don’t know.

And it seems it is not only me. Science, Religion, “ists”, “ogists” and so on, whenever find something which doesn’t fit its paradigms, starts struggling to “fit-by-force” or “destroy-by-ridiculous”. Why can’t we say “I don’t know”.

This should be the slogan of peace: “I don’t know”

Your guess is as good as mine, therefore, there’s no reason to fight.

Well… Here I come making theories on the fly again 😛


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Tá compricaaaaado…